St. Petersburg Opera Volunteer Photographer Alberta Pizzolato


    St. Petersburg Florida had been home for the last 20+ years. I spent a lot of time volunteering my photography skills to various charities including the St. Petersburg Opera, Alpha House of Tampa and the St. Petersburg Women's Club. Quite an experience. Recently, I moved to North Palm Beach. Not settled in yet. Not much photographing yet. Soon.

    I shoot with a Nikon D700 and own three lenses: Nikon FX f/2.8 35 - 70 mm, Tamron FX f/2.8 90 mm and Nikon FX f/1.8 50 mm.

    I have 30 years of marketing, graphic arts, layout and photo experience (including PhotoShop which I could not live without!), and am pretty much self-taught. I'm also a member at (user name Alberta P) - come visit!

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